Parliamentary research

The Chamber of Deputies actively supports legislative studies research.

Publications by the research chair

A research chair in partnership with

Luxembourg’s parliament has had a partnership with the University of Luxembourg since 2011. Only 16 countries have this type of collaboration. This is a great opportunity for Professor Philippe Poirier, who holds the chair and sees it as an opportunity to both study democracy and improve it. The objective of the chair of legislative studies is to contribute to knowledge about, as well as the study and operation of the parliamentary system in the national and European decision-making process. This partnership has made it possible to produce a large amount of scientific data and provide a better understanding of the parliamentary system in Luxembourg and beyond.

Conferences, publications, and a master’s degree in legislative studies

The parliamentary chair is responsible for the organisation of international conferences bringing together parliamentarians, political scientists, and constitutionalists at the Chamber. In addition, the chair studies elections held in Luxembourg. The chair also makes it possible to support research projects, finance and develop doctoral research and publish academic publications as well as publications aimed at the general public. A master’s degree in legislative studies was launched at the start of the 2020-21 academic year.

Deputies who are members of the steering committee of the research chair