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The Chamber of Deputies strives to create the right conditions to enable journalists to cover parliamentary news. On this page you will find the information that is relevant to the press.

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  • The articles published on this website are available to the press. The texts may be used freely as press releases.

  • Chamber TV broadcasts all public sessions via live and recorded programmes.

    They are also streamed on the website, where viewers can replay previous sessions from 2008 onwards.

    A weekly programme, Chamber Aktuell, covers the latest news in politics with one or several guests.

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Workspaces at the parliament.

During public sessions, seats are reserved for journalists in the galleries of the plenary hall.

A bar – which serves as a workspace – is available for them on the ground floor of the Hôtel de la Chambre building.

A ground-floor space is available for journalists in the Printz-Richard building so that they can cover committee meetings.

As parliamentary committees are held behind closed doors, journalists may interview deputies or members of the government as they leave these meetings.

Access to the buildings and meetings

In order to access public sessions, press representatives take the public entrance located on rue de l’eau, at the back of the Hôtel de la Chambre (on the right side of the building).

In order to cover parliamentary committees, press representatives access the Printz/Richard building via the building’s reception (23, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes).

Press representatives must go through a security check and present their press card. If a representative has no press card, a letter from the editorial office certifying that this person works for a media outlet is also accepted.

Filming/Photographs and camera operators

  • Photographers and camera operators have access to the plenary hall during the first five minutes of public sessions. For more specific sessions, for example swearings-in or major discussions and debates, the press may be informed of specific rules in advance.

    Any request for more specific coverage may be addressed to the public relations department (

  • As committee meetings are held behind closed doors, photographers or camera operators are authorised to document the views of all participants present before the start of the meeting in the committee rooms.

Contact details

  • For any information regarding the institution and its operation, its activities and parliamentary news or suggestions, please contact the public relations department (

    • Monique Faber   +352-466 966 662
    • Yann Flammang +352-466 966 660
    • Nadine Gautier +352-466 966 667
    • Sarah Brock +352-466 966 663
  • For any questions of a political nature, please contact the following directly

    • the deputies (their contact details can be found on profile pages)