Watching a public session

The public sessions of the Chamber of Deputies, during which deputies debate and vote upon laws, can be accessed by all citizens. They are broadcast live on the parliamentary channel ChamberTV. They are also broadcast via livestream on the homepage of our website.

You can also watch a public session in person, in the galleries of the Hôtel de la Chambre

How can I watch a public session?

What steps do I need to take? 

  • Check the calendar to find the dates of public sessions or public debates
  • Bring your passport or identity card.
  • When watching a public session, the visitor entrance is located on Rue de l’Eau, on the side of the road with the main Hôtel de la Chambre building. You will find a photo of the entrance in the photo gallery below.
  • This entrance opens to the public a few minutes before the start of the session.
  • You don’t have to arrive for the start of the session, you may enter and leave at any time.
  • When you arrive, the security guards will inspect your personal belongings.
  • The public galleries can be found on the second floor and are accessible via stairs and lift.
  • Once inside, you must remain seated in silence, and not give any signs of approval or disapproval.

The visitors’ entrance is located on rue de l’Eau.

The visitor’s gate, located in the Rue de l’Eau, is open during plenary sessions.