Major debates in plenary session

Debates aimed at guiding decisions at European level are regularly organised in the Chamber of Deputies.

Debate on the European and foreign policy declaration

Each year the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs presents to the Chamber a report on the country’s European and international policy – the European and foreign policy declaration. The deputies take up a position during the public debate on this declaration.

Debates on Europe

At the request of the Chamber of Deputies, the Prime Minister or the member of government responsible for the matter concerned presents the work before and after the meetings of the European Council respectively.
Regularly, and increasingly often, the Chamber discusses current European affairs in public session. Such debates may take place before important decisions at EU level, after European ministerial councils or at any other time that seems appropriate for the Parliament to take up a position in light of recent developments.

Transposition of European directives into national law

When the transposition into national law is carried out via an act, this act goes through all the steps of the legislative procedure.

Some key debates

Major ‘European’ events in public session very often concern the treaties

  • the debate on the treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (a debate before the first and a debate before the second constitutional vote)
  • the debate on the organisation of a national referendum on the constitutional treaty
  • the debate on the Treaty of Lisbon
  • ‘What Future for Europe? Results of the campaign by the Chamber of Deputies to consult the residents of Luxembourg in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe’. A general debate was held on this occasion on 1st March 2022.