Research for the parliament

Research work performed for the deputies

Providing the deputies with all the information they need in order for them to assess complex issues: this is the objective of the research work performed by the Chamber’s Scientific Unit. Since the creation of this unit in September 2021, several research documents have been drafted.

Assist at the conference on challenges of the youth in Luxembourg

Youth is a major issue for Luxembourgish policies, with many measures directly or indirectly impacting young people. Bringing together the worlds of politics, research and society, a conference organised on May 23rd and 24th serves as a forum for debate.

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The Scientific Unit, a multidisciplinary team

At the request of deputies, the Conference of Presidents, the Executive Office, the committees, the groups / ‘sensibilité politiques’ (groups of less than 5 deputies sharing a political persuasion) or the Secretary General, the members of the Scientific Unit research and analyse information in order to extract the essentials.

The unit is currently made up of eight staff members, each with confirmed experience in the legal, natural, and human sciences, as well as in economic an environmental issues. A multidisciplinary network bringing together national and international specialists assists the members of the Scientific Unit where necessary. The members of the Scientific Unit commit to present the scientific consensus in a transparent, independent, and critical way. The Chamber of Deputies is responsible for the research documents that are drafted.