Megatrends 2050 - shaping the future with scientific foresight

- 09:00

Multidisciplinary conference comprising topical sessions, interactive surveys, panel discussions and an exhibit.


Megatrends 2050

    • The megatrends ahead - navigating a complex world - Speaker: Cat Tully, School of International Futures
    • Trust in science: How should we communicate scientific uncertainty? - Speaker: PD Dr habil. Andreas Scheu, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
    • Foresight at EU-level - Structure and tools to improve crisis management and anticipatory policy-making  - Speaker: Wolfgang Hiller, Director for Impact Assessment and European Added Value, EPRS
    • Anticipatory science and diplomacy for a renewed multilateralism - Speaker: Dr Martin Müller Executive Director Science Anticipator, Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA)
    • What are the megatrends shaping the innovation agenda in Europe and Luxembourg? How can we raise awareness and support businesses and our economy to address these challenges and opportunities? - Speaker: Sasha Baillie, CEO, Luxinnovation
    • History as “retrospective prediction”? On the limits of predicting the future by learning from the past - Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andreas Fickers, Director of The Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH), University of Luxembourg

    Followed by panel discussion bringing together the session’s speakers, policy makers and the Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies.:

    • Fred Keup, Sensibilité politique ADR
    • Laurent Scheeck, Secretary General of the Chamber of Deputies
  • Communicators like to get as close to the action as possible. Very few people, though, are required to report live from a country at war. Philip Crowther is, and does. He will be explaining what it’s like, how the nature of reporting is changing, and how conflicts and other major events are likely to be reported in the future.

    Philip Crowther is a Luxembourgish journalist. He is based in Washington, D.C., and travelled to from the Russo-Ukrainian war in 6 languages.

    • Panel members :

      • Catarina Zuzarte Tully, Managing Director, School of International Futures (SOIF)
      • Prof. Dr. Andreas Fickers, Director of the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, University of Luxembourg
      • Pascale Junker, Head of Luxembourg Strategy, Ministry of the Economy
      • Philip Crowther, Journalist
      • Isabel Wiseler-Lima, Member of the European Parliament
      • Dr Martin Müller, Executive Director Science Anticipator, Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA)
      • A Launchpad for Digital health in Europe - Speaker: Prof. Dr Ulf Nehrbass, CEO of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)
      • Luxembourg Space Strategy – little on earth and big in space - Speaker: Dr Marc Serres, CEO at Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA)
      • Artificial Intelligence: A Revolution with Opportunities and Responsibilities - Speaker: Prof. Dr. Djamila Aouada, Head of research groups, SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg
      • Impact of digitalisation on employees - Speaker: Ludivine Martin, Research Scientist, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER)

      Followed by a short panel discussion bringing together the session’s speakers and policy makers: 

      • Sven Clement, Sensibilité politique Piraten
      • Pim Knaff, Groupe politique DP
      • Post-Pandemic Value Change - Speaker : Dr Matthew Dennis, Assistant Professor in Ethics of Technology, TU Eindhoven
      • The Many Faces of Housing Mobility - Speaker: Prof. Dr Lindsay Flynn, Associate professor in Political Science, University of Luxembour
      • Aging Society, fragmentation, wealthisation: Three megatrend scenarios for the next generation-  Speaker: Prof. Louis Chauvel, Head of the Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequalities, University of Luxembourg

      Followed by a short panel discussion bringing together the session’s speakers and policy makers:

      • Mars Di Bartolomeo, Groupe politique LSAP
      • Myriam Cecchetti, Sensibilité politique Déi Lénk
      • Technologies for a successful energy transition -  Speaker: Dr Thomas Kallstenius, CEO of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
      • What are the global options for achieving more climate resilient development? - Speaker: Dr Andrew Ferrone, Head of meteorological department, Administration of Technical Agricultural Services
      • Can finance be sustainable and contribute to tackling climate change? - Speaker: Jane Wilkinson, Independent Director, Ripple Effect s.àr.l.

      Followed by a short panel discussion bringing together the session’s speakers and policy makers:

      • Paul Galles, Groupe politique CSV
      • Jessie Thill, Groupe politique Déi Gréng
    • The conference covers the megatrends of tomorrow’s world. In the last session of the conference we will give the young people that will live in that world a platform to present the youth vision for the future of Luxembourg that is strongly influenced by megatrends.

    « La recherche, le dialogue et l’échange d’idées nous permettent certainement d’identifier aujourd’hui ce qui pourra nous servir demain » - Fernand Etgen, Président de la Chambre des Députés
    Comment penser le futur et se donner les moyens d’agir ?

    Deux jours de conférence multidisciplinaire sous le signe des « mégatendances 2050 » ont offert une plateforme d'échanges aux scientifiques, aux politiques et aux citoyens ce 4 et 5 mai au Cercle c

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    Objectives of the conference:

    • Providing an inspiring platform for constructive exchanges and critical reflections about trends that will shape the future of humanity;
    • Identifying challenges and opportunities that Luxembourg will likely face in the next decades;
    • Assess to what extent scientific data on Megatrends can be instrumental in resolving challenges and influencing the policy agenda.

    Conference languages:

    French, English

    Simultaneous translation from French to English, from English to French

    Steering Committee:

    Members of the Luxembourg Parliament and the National Research Fund

    Further questions?

    Please contact the scientific unit of the Chamber of Deputies